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Siberian Huskies Welcome to Wolfwalker Siberian Huskies!  We love our arctic breds and this is where it all started, our beloved huskies. Enjoy photos, information  and more!
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Wolfwalker Siberian Husky dogs. Mushing, showing, obedience, hiking , jogging  and couch cuddling, our dogs do it all.  Photos information and more!

Dog sledding in Alberta.
Siberian Huskies
Siberian Huskies make beautiful, playful companions; full of character and energy. They are clever, sociable and easy-going pets who can also be hard working and competitive sled dogs.
Good with children and sociable with strangers, the Siberian Husky is not a watchdog, for they bark rarely and love everyone. The breed is very intelligent and trainable, though they have a mind of their own and obedience must be insisted on by an owner who is firm and consistent. Siberians are extremely clean by nature, and their coats shed dirt naturally. Like other “double coated” breeds, they “blow coat” annually, usually for a few weeks each spring or summer, but otherwise will not leave any loose hairs around the house.

As with most northern breeds, the Siberian needs a fair bit of mental and physical exercise. They also are very pack oriented and easily bored... so much prefer the company of another pet to being left alone. A sled dog at heart, Siberians do like to travel, so a regular outlet for their boundless energy and secure containment is a must to keep them happy and safe.

They are a beautiful med-large breed which can be found in many colours (including pure white or pure black) with or without blue eyes. Siberians range in size from 45-60lb., and are thrifty eaters and generally long-lived.




Meet Our Family!

Our Boys...


Champion Siberian Huskies


Wolfwalker's Ramblin Man

Ch Wolfwalker's Raise A Little Hell
Ch Varls Heaven Cent

DOB: May 2014



Champion Siberian Huskies


Ch Wolfwalker's Raise a LIttle Hell

Ch Arcticsun Wolfwalker Attitude
Wolfwalker Fire Dancers Legacy

DOB: Sept 2011

Canadian Kennel Club Siberian Huskies


Ch Wolfwalker BLack Tux'n Tails

Freemet's BLacktop 2 Arcticsun
Wolfwalker Winters Fire Dancer

DOB: Dec 2006








Ch Arcticsun Wolfwalker Attitude

Arcticsun's Crimson Thunder SD
Arcticsun's Cinnamon Girl

DOB: July 2006





Our Girls...




Ch Varlas Wolfwalker's Glamour Girl

Nanook's Soldier of the Storm
Varlas Careless Whispers

DOB: Feb 2013








Ch Wolfwalker Winter Dream

Ch Wolfwalker Black Tux'n Tails
Ch Varlas Wolfwalker 's Heaven Cent

DOB: Dec 2012








Ch Varlas Wolfwalkers Heaven Cent

Ch Varlas Frankie Has A Plan
Ch Varlas Careless Whispers

DOB: Sept 2011




Ch Wolfwalker's Private Dancer

Ch Arcticsun Wolfwalker Attitude
Wolfwalker Holiday Dance Magic

DOB: May 2010








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